Mediation of Children and Youth

“Every child has got inalienable rights – the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN-CRC) – which state that everyone has certain rights, regardless of nationality, sex, ethnic, or other origin.”

Having rights, however, also means that there are sometimes situations in which a person gets into a fight with another person and cannot get out of that, without any help.

Mediation is used as a tool to tackle misunderstandings and conflicts in whichever way. Mediation, however, is not only used to tackle acute conflicts but to prevent them from happening by empowering young people all in all to become better and to receive a voice in order to form their own opinion.

We offer mediation to children and young people – in private surrounding (families, neighbourhood, between peers) and educational surrounding (in school, early childhood educational facilities) – to support them and get them out of their difficult situations. Through mediation and general support we open up a way to enable them to find their own solution to their conflict/issue they are facing.

This of course we offer for free as part of the Right2Mediation-Programme.

Within this programme we also work with schools and facilities of early childhood education where we want to support the institutions and especially the kids there so they can be empowered and learn to form their own opinion.