Dominic Sean Martin Heine, MSc


  • First Chairperson: International WalRights Initiative e. V.
  • Mediator
  • Author
  • Father


  • Native Speaker: English, German
  • Further Languages: Korean

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About me

The human rights expert, mediator and social worker Dominic Sean Martin Heine, MSc, worked for several years as a consultant on integration issues for people with migration and refugee backgrounds. At the moment – in addition to being the first Chairperson of the International WalRights Initiative e. V. – he is the head of a bilingual kindergarten and actively contributes his expertise in the field of human rights.

He is currently setting up the Human Rights charity “International WalRights Initiative e. V.” in order to raise human rights education internationally to a certain level. This is particularly important so that all young people can have access to human rights.

Dominic Heine has a large network of national and international human rights experts and actors. These range from small local to large international organisations such as UNICEF, UNHCR and Amnesty International.

Pedagogical and educational issues relating to human rights, as well as conflict management, are particularly close to his heart.

“I want to give the young generation the possibility to actually live in a world, which is faire, just and in which human rights are actually lived.”