The vision of International WalRights Initiative e.V. in short is:

a world in which human rights are lived as part of our lives, in every aspect of our lives.

Human Rights Education – Kindergartens and schools

We work to implement human rights – with a special focus on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) – into kindergarten as well as schools curriculum, globally. With workshops in kindergarten and school groups and with teachers in both, kindergarten and schools.

Human Rights Projects

The vision of the website is to have a full encyclopaedia on human rights articles (not only the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but all other documents as well) so all can read about everything there is to know about each article. Furthermore, to have an encyclopaedia on topics related to human rights – such as street involved children, mental health, elder rights, women’s rights, etc. – plus also on charities working in these fields so people can see which charities are actually active in what area.

We want to work on projects in the society regarding topics of human rights. Because only if everyone live these rights the world will eventually become a world of human rights.

Legal Support and Representation 

The vision of the legal support and representation of children and youth is: We want to enable every young person to get support with regard to legal questions. Every child should have the right to receive support and to be empowered if they have problems, legally. The legal system in most countries does not allow children to receive legal support or even representation because they are supposed to be represented by their guardians – parents, grandparents, etc. But in some instances children have issues of their own (within their family or elsewhere) and need their own support. That is what we want to achieve:

Support and representation of children and youths in order to empower them.

Human Rights Research

The vision of the research department is to make sure our work has a high quality. We want to ensure our projects have the effect we want to achieve by analysing the outcome of the projects, as well as the project itself. We also want to conduct our own research in the fields of human rights and children.

Education only works together with research!

In the future we’re also going to add another pillar of our work