Who we are: Background


The International WalRights Initiative e. V. has gone through certain stages before it has developed into the charity it is now:

The WalRights® Initiative:

WalRights® started off as an idea to create a comic series, which is designed for children and youths to learn about their human rights and what it means to have them. Having rights means not only that every person has certain rights but also to respect every right of each person. That was the point of each comic book.

The idea of creating the comics is still active and is meant to be done in the future as part of the charity work. Furthermore, we also developed the concept of the animation series for WalRights. Both are part of the WalRights Initiative being in development right now.

The WalRights Initiative developed after finding out that there is no proper material for kindergartens and schools to learn more about each right of the UN Convention on the Right of the Child (CRC).

The International WalRights Initiative e. V.:

After further discussions and meetings with the people involved in the WalRights Initiative we decided to create the charity, which will give our work the organisational background to do our work.

The WalRights® Initiative stands for human rights education for everyone. It aims to educate children and young people on their human rights.

The International WalRights® Initiative e. V., which is a registered and charitable organisation in Germany, works to ensure that human rights are being integrated into the curriculums in kindergartens, schools, and other educational institutions. Furthermore, we are aiming to build up projects to empower young people in their own rights.

The legal background:

The “United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training“, states the following:

Article 1:

“1. Everyone has the right to know, seek and receive information about all human rights and fundamental freedoms and should have access to human rights education and training.”

Article 3:

“1. Human rights education and training is a lifelong process that concerns all ages.” (Article 3) 

These are the Articles we live by and work to ensure they’re integrated into the society, internationally.