WalRights – The Animation Series


WalRights – The Animation Series (is being developed)

The “Walrights®”-Animation series is a fantasy series mostly set in a fictitious present, intended to teach children – between the age of 7 and 12 years – the concept of “human rights” as part of an exciting and emotional plot. The protagonist is Marlowe, a walrus, who wants to give humans their human rights. Marlowe travels through space and occasionally time to help against injustice and to move people for the better. How he wants to do all that – find out by yourself as soon as it screens. As a counterpoint to Marlowe is Kai, who has similar abilities to Marlowe, but does not bear his responsibility to help people in need, and initially wants to prevent Marlowe as well.

The script of the animation series is being written at the moment. We are looking for partners to create the animation series and have it screened afterwards.