WalRights Series – Projects


WalRights – The Animation Series (is being developed)

The “Walrights®”-Animation series is a fantasy series mostly set in a fictitious present, intended to teach children – between the age of 7 and 12 years – the concept of “human rights” as part of an exciting and emotional plot. The protagonist is Marlowe, a walrus, who wants to give humans their human rights. Marlowe travels through space and occasionally time to help against injustice and to move people for the better. How he wants to do all that – find out by yourself as soon as it screens. As a counterpoint to Marlowe is Kai, who has similar abilities to Marlowe, but does not bear his responsibility to help people in need, and initially wants to prevent Marlowe as well.

The script of the animation series is being written at the moment. We are looking for partners to create the animation series and have it screened afterwards.

WalRights – The Comic (future projects)

Like the animation series mentioned above, the comic will be created for school children – but for different ages. Furthermore, it’s supposed to be used within the classroom as a certain teaching material. The story itself is about the same protagonist – Marlowe – but plays in a different time and locations, so that it does not collide with the animation series.

WalRights®: the novel-Trilogy (future projects)

It is a fantasy world set in the universe all the other products are set. The other products mentioned are: Animation series, Comic. But within a different world in order to not get into conflict with the other stories.

  • “Marlowe’s adventure”

This story is like the animation and comic series, where Marlowe will actually help the people getting their rights respected. Furthermore, they learn in the hard way that each one person – of any age – has the same rights!

  • “Kai’s adventure”

Within Kai’s adventure the reader goes back thousands of years in a time in which Marlowe does not exist. The reader witnesses the reason why Kai developed the way the reader know him by – to a creature that does not care about anything man-designed.

  • “Marlowe and Kai”

In the third and last story of the trilogy the reader sees an adventure in which both – Marlowe and Kai – actually work together to make the world a better place.
In all the Marlowe-focussed novels the reader will also hear about the cheeky but cute Mia, with her wits and charm.