The International WalRights Initiative e. V. is a registered and charitable international organisation based in Germany.  

The charity works towards a world in which human rights education is a general part of early childhood education and school life – and in society. The focus of our work is to empower children and youth and to help them realising their rights

It focuses on human rights education for all people, regardless of age, gender, nationality, etc. This is because each person has got each right.

However, having rights also means having a responsibility towards all other people to respect their rights as well. That means not only our friends but also complete strangers around us. We cannot ask for the right to freely speak up without respecting others to have an own opinion and speak up by themselves.

On this website you can find out more about …  


  • Each human rights articles – all written in a child-friendly way, including examples of what it means to have the respective right 
  • Issues related to each human right, plus some of the charities working in these fields  
  • Projects and programmes we are doing – e.g. the Right2Mediation-programme and Right2Education-programme.
  • Us and our vision we want to achieve, as well as future ideas we are going to follow up on 
  • Our social media channels, which we are using 

For further information and if you have any questions or ideas or feedback please get in contact with us. 


Take care and kind regards 


Dominic Sean Martin Heine